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How many computers had an Arena named after them ?
In the 1990’s HP was the largest computer company in California. They had facilities all over California.
The HP Pavilion had to be the most popular computer in California family homes and possibly the entire USA.
Just about everyone I know had an HP Pavilion computer in their home.
This is the traditional home family computer in USA.
Just about every computer store in California was selling the HP Pavilion.
The HP Multimedia computer loaded with I/O for multimedia devices.
( scanners, printers, cameras, TV cards, video cards, USB ports, DVD, CD Burners ( Light scribe ) compact flash cards , etc )
The HP Pavilion was created to support all these devices.
I just love the HP Multimedia keyboards.

But how is it for gaming ?
Let’s get into the Arena with the HP Pavilion and find out.

Motherboard - HP
CPU - Intel Pentium III @ 933mhz.
Memory - 256mb.
Hard-drive - 80gb IDE Seagate. ( 7200rpm ) ( Not the original drive )
Video Card - Voodoo 3 2000 ( PCI add on )
Sound Card - Onboard ?
Network card - 10/100
OS - Windows ME/2000


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Well, it still works.
The life style back in 1980 thru 90’s in Silicon Valley was “Vrum”
“Go fast and faster”.

So this “Need for Speed” game best exemplifies the “persona” of Silicon Valley workers.
( Fast cars, sports cars, hot rods, and exotic cars ) and the Big Wide open highways in California before year 2000 road traffic.

I am using the original hardware except for the original hard-drive.

This HP Pavilion works fine.


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Doornkaat wrote on 2022-01-25, 20:23:

Yeah, I replaced the coin battery and re-seat the memory modules and that fixed the problem. This computer was sitting in my Garage for over a year. It had the original coin battery from year 2000 so I replaced it. And the memory modules must have some how stopped making contact so simply reseating them fixed the problem.
I received this advice from google search on “HP pavilion 4-beep error code”.

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Nice HP Pavilion! Love Need for Speed running on it. I'm also happy to see that you only needed a new coin battery and memory modules re-seating.

HP Pavilions were the main PCs at my home. My father's main desktop PC was, during my childhood, an HP Pavilion with Windows XP. It wasn't an original HP Pavilion at all, since many of its components came from other PCs, but its case was the same.

Another HP Pavilion PC is still used, but now as a secondary PC by my father. It is model a6655it, but I think it has got some replaced parts. It had Vista years ago but we all hated that OS, so it was upgraded to Windows 7.

Even if these are newer models than your 7850, I agree that HP Pavilions, in general, are "multimedial", with many useful features.