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So I don't know why, but my most coveted PC was when I was like ~9 years old, between 96-97.
Unfortunetely my family was quite poor, and my dreams ended up with 386DX40.
Today I started building my dream computer from the parts I had acquired over the years and the computers I had before.

1. The "green case".
I bought it for like ~8-10$ in 4/5 condition.
Yellowed plastic push me to find this original beige color.
Yes, it exist in now a days and you can buy it in spray. I will post the RAL number when I will verify it with retrobrightet case.
I belive is year properly, because under the "green stick" I found a place for 3 digits clock.

Before and after painting the front:
Inside it have this detachable panel for motherboard.

Stay tuned for more in progress 😀


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Nice restoration job on the front panel. I had a beige / turquoise 'iMac-inspired' atrocity of a late 90s-early 00ies case once as well that served me well during my university years. Keep the updates coming please 😁

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