A Kick-Ass Dual 3.8GHz NetBurst Xeon Build

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chrismeyer6 wrote on 2023-11-06, 00:29:

That honestly doesn't look like it would be a bad gaming experience to be honest. It's quite impressive the level of performance you squeezed out of that platform

Thanks! 😀

It's not too bad at all, but pushing it any further won't make for an enjoyable experience!

I'm actually quite amazed that this game runs on this machine at all, but do admit that I would have been disappointed if it didn't!

Usually when a system starts to battle, you start to pick it up artefacts in the sound card's performance during gameplay, but the sound's good here!

So I'd call this experiment successful thus far!

The real cherry on the top would be to get Quake II RTX up running in Vulcan!!! (Ray tracing on a P4 Xeon would be something to talk about!!!)

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