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Hello there!

I have a question about OpenGlide & Red Baron 3D:

It works quite fine in flight, the only minor bug is following:
In the Menu Screens, the Animations are gone, also the Decoration-Animations are blank! In flight, the Mouse-Cursor makes the game really slow & the Cursor is a box ...
But after all, in flight it works really fine! Great job done!

Any solutions?

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Hm.. I wonder if Microsoft, in competing with open-source APIs, did something nasty in DX9 to cripple OpenGL games. (Or it's just extremely buggy. 😉) I've just seen DX9 causing a lot of problems with various things.

Yes, it’s my fault.

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Originally posted by Boelcke Jun. Im using Rb3D with CM11 & new planes & the TW-Terrains & PL-Sound & object Pack!

I think you're going to need assistance from some of the ultra-dedicated Red Baron fans on this. Whenever you add-on un-official objects, textures, etc... it can have a profound effect on the way Red Baron performs with the OpenGlide DLL.

Do a quick search at the top of the page using "Red Baron" and scan the older posts back when the initial Red Baron flood cam roaring through here...