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Is something missing?. How can Glide2x.dll act as a Glide wrapper?. Does the .INI file generate after running the Glide-based program or something?

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IIRC, the .ini is generated upon first use of a game with the glide wrapper. You can then modify the .ini later if the default settings do not work well with the game.

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Note that the .ini just appears in the "current" directory, which is on a windows based system normally the same directory that contains the .exe file of the game (or dosemu).

I think this is quite broken behavior, it clutters your system with .ini files and requires write permission in every game directory. I started a partial fix in the "development" forum for linux/unix machines that places the .ini file inside ~/.openglide -- for windows this should probably be %APP_SETTINGS% ...

To support games that need different openglide settings, i think an environment variable like $OGL_CONFIG should be used to provide a non-standard .ini-name. But that's better discussed in the development forum 😉

For now, just be sure you have write permission in the "current" directory when using openglide.