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i have tried to start the game with openglide 008 to 009rc7.
all version don't work with NFS2SEA Demo.

when i start the game i become a error from windows.
-> NFS2SEA.EXE Fehler in Anwendung
Die Anweiseung "0x00498d32" verweist auf Speicher "0x0000004".
Der Vorgang "written" konnte nicht auf den Speicher durchgeführt

my system is a athlon x2 4200+ dualcore system with 2 gb ram and a
nvidia 7800gt. i work with windows xp sp2.

can i test the function of the openglide with a 3dfx game demo or something else that works 100% with it ?

it is possible that the 2gb ram or the dualcore athlon processor
are the reason for the error.

has someone tried the opeglide under a configuration that is near t my ?