Fullscreen mode on Linux?

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Fullscreen mode on Linux?

Postby Zirias » 2010-5-09 @ 14:19

Should fullscreen mode on linux work? actually, Openglide (as built from CVS two days ago) ignores the InitFullScreen=1 setting in OpenGLid.ini on my machine, so if this actually should work on linux, what could I check?

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Re: Fullscreen mode on Linux?

Postby gulikoza » 2010-5-09 @ 15:23

Are you using native or SDL version? (SDL is built by default if libraries are detected by configure).

Native version requires video mode extension:
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    {   // Determine presence of video mode extension
        int major = 0, minor = 0;
        vidmode_ext = XF86VidModeQueryVersion (dpy, &major, &minor) != 0;
    if (vidmode_ext && UserConfig.InitFullScreen)
        mode_changed = SetScreenMode( width, height );

SDL version will ignore InitFullScreen if SDL was already initialized before openglide (dosbox for example...) and will preserve the setting (it runs in fullscreen if the SDL application calling openglide already runs in fullscreen).
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