higher resolution than 640x480?

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higher resolution than 640x480?

Postby fil » 2013-8-12 @ 11:49

hello all
on dosbox im now running tomb raider using openglide glide2x.dll and it runs in 640x480, if i try to change to my monitor's native resolution of 1360x768 it won't load in and dosbox crashes, 1360x768 works ok on nglide and i just wondered if it's possible to run openglide higher than 640x480? also is there any way of changing other settings on openglide like gamma or colour

thanks a lot
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Re: higher resolution than 640x480?

Postby Effrafax of Wug » 2013-9-03 @ 18:56

Someone posted this running DOSBox on Linux;

Unless the scaler option is used in DOSBox conf file, your aspect ratio will not be correct since 640x480 is 4:3 and 1360x768 is 16:9 widescreen.
I would suggest 1024x768 and check the "openglid.ini" file, maybe something there you can use in there?
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