New OpenGL on Red Baron 3D Singleplayer

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I have a private copy of Red Baron 3D Singleplayer (code and compiled game), a dos-based game completed 20 years ago. I have had the code upgraded to OpenGL and the old "engine" stuff was gutted and replaced with modern functions principally by stepping through to the "latest" version of Visual Studio. While colors and texturing should be fully hi-def, the upgrade stopped before 3D was upgraded. There are some edge-of-the-games-capability planes and other objects which came as an aftermarket community development by way of, apparently, some leaked editors. And those planes and objects are decent and much finer than the original game's models (of all kind). The terrain tiles can, if all went well, match the best of new games, or at least make the BMPs bigger enough to deliver the beauty while not going too far and killing the frames on the old game's remaining structure.

I have not yet created any hi-def graphics, but I have been flying the Singleplayer testing out some of the few gameplay updates which were implemented. The problem is that while I am learning to fly and avoid being killed in my faster-than-an-F86 WWI planes, I can pretty much never kill anything except by chance.

Someone gave me a "Baron.exe" which has apparently been modified to do the slow-down of the game, but I don't think it slows the PC down like most of the solutions being discussed. That Baron.exe unfortunately replaces my upgraded Baron.exe, so it is pointless anyway.

My hope is finding a "simple" OpenGl solution to the old DOS problem.

I have a new Dell Inspirion 15 7000 Gaming Laptop, low-end but replaces my 13 year old iMac running on bootcamp. GForce GTX, Core 1-7

Any initial thoughts?