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Postby Snover » 2002-12-22 @ 09:22

Thanks for the notes. We're still working on 8-bit texture transparency (Croc). Please check the latest v009 release.
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Postby NoGood » 2002-12-23 @ 13:26

What wrapper are you talking about, that you're making yourself?
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Postby Snover » 2002-12-23 @ 19:58

err... OpenGLide is a wrapper, heh...
I was speaking for The Team, of which I am peripherally a part.
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Postby Unregistered » 2003-1-06 @ 05:03

I've had a play around with the latest (009RC1).

In Ultima Ascension, there is no appreciable difference between it and 008 final. The windows mouse pointer still hangs around onscreen.

I've also tried OpenGlide with Summoner. It was pretty much unplayable under 8 and most versions of 9. RC1 has it working pretty well (there is a horizontal strip at the top of the screen that does not render properly - stays mostly blank, but does try to render - it''s about the same height as the control bar at the bottom of the screen, or of a cinematic border).

The driver does not appear to do any filtering at the moment either (everything seems to be point filtered only).

Postby Unregistered » 2003-1-08 @ 12:43

I've tried out 009rc3.

Same issues as RC1, but much much faster.

The wrapper works well for Deus-Ex also, except in the intro bob page and walter simons have blacked out sunglasses (I assume this an alpha transparency error).

I'm very impressed. Keep up the good work.

Postby GoldFinger » 2003-1-08 @ 13:11

What is your system configuration Unregistred? :)
What is your CPU, Video board, Ram?
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Postby Unregistered » 2003-1-08 @ 17:05

I have an AthlonXP 1800+ (non overclocked)
MSI K7N420 Pro nForce1 motherboard
512mb DDR memory
Leadtek GF3 Ti200 64mb (Detonator 42.01)
WindowsXP SP1 & DirectX9
120 gig WD 7200 8mb cache HDD


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