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First of all: I think this is an issue AND i'd like to help with that.

Problem description: OpenGlide just stores it's ini-file in whatever directory is the "current" directory. On windows platforms, this is most probably the directory where the currently executed binary resides, on unix this is most probably the user's home directory. BUT -- there is no guarantee about this. So, there are two unfavorable consequences on that:

1.) To successfully use OpenGlide, you're de facto required to have write/create permissions everywhere on your harddisk

2.) OpenGlide will clutter your system with .ini files in close-to-random locations.

So, I fixed it "for me" as I am running linux, on a unix platform, it is reasonable to place configuration files inside ~/.{$SoftwareName}. You will find the patch here, in a separate thread.

However, this doesn't solve the issue for windows platforms. And .. even more important -- what if you really need different OpenGlide configurations for different games? So, my suggestion woult be to make the filename for the .ini overridable through an environment variable. What do you think about this?