Show us your custom Physical mt32-pi Builds

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fxgogo wrote on 2021-11-10, 15:39:

I have only just started my project. Got the HAT soldered up.
This thread has given me some great ideas. Love the thought of it sitting inside my PC and being able to route the audio out from the SB or MT32 to my speakers with a flick of a switch. Think I am going to need to get a display the is larger and is closer to the original MT32.

Looks sharp. If I didn't also own a real physical MT-32, I'd definitely do this for a half-height 5.25 drive in my 486DX2/66.

Did you do a cost analysis when you did your own hat (I assume you hunted your own components), as in, the cost per unit if you did more than 1 unit? I'm torn between going above 1 or just stay frugal.

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So I got the board from someone on RMC Retro's Discord. I then pretty much had to buy the components with enough to make at least three of them, but I really wanted to make just one and get it working first and the extra components were insurance if I mucked it up. I should see how much this cost, I have the receipts somewhere, and of course I have a spare pi3 so that reduces the cost somewhat.

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Mu0n wrote on 2021-11-09, 16:30:
Ha, should have reread your post. Your design is my favorite and hits all my needs in size/functionality/aesthetics. Is your pro […]
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Thermalwrong wrote on 2021-04-02, 17:47:

The front wouldn't look right with the 3d printing layer lines, and my attempts to print text with the 3d printer didn't work out, so I used my Brother QL700 label printer to print out the matte paper label, and the glossy plastic label. The end result looks pretty fantastic to me, but I'd love it if there was a better way to print the matte front part. I Was thinking maybe a PCB with no traces on it, in a black matte finish. That would be cheap-ish and the silkscreen would work perfectly for the button labels.

Something I'd like to look at next is making a PCB that doesn't sit on top of the CPU so it can cool better, there's room in the case for that. But this one works and I can use it now 😀

Ha, should have reread your post. Your design is my favorite and hits all my needs in size/functionality/aesthetics.
Is your project shared somewhere and if no, would you consider it? I'm definitely down to check some PCB costs that would include the button area, but I could live with just the screen area.
I have to fight down the need to use a 20x4 screen especially since it's supported.....

hehe, I forgot about this entirely after I finished it! Thank you for the reminder.
I need to make the PCB into a design that can go onto a Pi3 and tidy it up a bit, but I can definitely share it. My lack of knowledge on how to take the paper facia into something more reproducible - right now it's a bit hard to cut correctly and doesn't look amazing. Idk how to get a matte black plastic printed that would have white labelling though.

Also, pretty keen to get hold of a Pi Zero 2 and make a board for that, should be simpler since it won't be adding an extra DAC

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Thermalewrong, any chance to get the fusion 360 files? I think I'd make the front part a bit thinner to accommodate a full sized pcb face plate. I need to adjust for the screen I ordered as well as the rotary encoder I selected.
I ordered most of the parts I needed from aliexpress and now the waiting game begins! (Jan 24th ish). I just installed kicad and can share my plate design once I figure it out. I muddled my way through altium circuitmaker, how hard can this one be!