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I’m trying to figure out a MIDI setup for me, and I’m totally n00b at it. I have a 486 built with a Sound Blaster AWE64 Gold. I run either pure DOS or Windows 98. I want to be able to play back the music from Sierra and LucasArts games, and others like Doom. Instead of purchasing a real Roland MT-32 or SC-55, I think I can do this with a Pi. Please let me know if I’m got this down right.
I can use a Raspberry Pi 3B+ running MT32-Pi, and on that add a DAC hat, probably the Arananet Pi-MIDI 1.3 or Blokas Pisound (though I may do a kit like the clumsyMIDI). I get a DB15 to dual 5-Pin DIN cable and use that to connect Sound Blaster to the Pi hat. Then, I take the line out of the Pi hat and run it back to the sound card’s line-in, and mix it to the SB’s line-out, which then goes to the amplifier.
Will that work? Also, do I need SoftMPU for this? Do the games load their own soundfonts?

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Some old game may need SoftMPU, anything listed with "Intelligent Mode" would need SoftMPU.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_MT-32-c … ompatible_games

Games would not load a soundfont on an MT32-Pi. You can use MIDI SysEx commands to switch sound fonts, or to MT32 mode.

Your DB15 -> Pi -> SB Line-In would work. You may be interested in this which lets you make this all internal.
WP32 McCake : MT32 compatible waveblaster board