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mount old saved games

Postby arek01 » 2019-7-11 @ 13:29


I have some old save games of a game I played before which originally are located in a save game folder within the game folder.
I mounted the game folder and start the game with the start.bat but can't load the save games no matter what I try.
When I chose "load save game" within the game there are no save game files displayed means they are not found somehow although it worked in this configuration when I played without dosbox and therefor I guess there is something wrong with the mount somehow.
I already copied the save game files to the game folder (instead of the separate save game folder) which I directly mounted but savegames still can't be found.
Any idea what is wrong and how I could manage that the game recognizes the save game files?

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Re: mount old saved games

Postby Dominus » 2019-7-11 @ 13:35

Play the game, save and see where it saves to.
The name of the game might also help
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Re: mount old saved games

Postby collector » 2019-7-11 @ 17:54

If the save path is not configured as a relative path there may be disagreement between how you mounted the game in DOSBox and the original path, i.e. C:\GameName vs the game folder mounted mounted as "C:\"
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