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Reply 1564 of 1566, by rcblanke

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Hi all,

Starting off with the 0.93 beta round:
* Fixed a problem opening links to files with spaces in its path;
* Fixed exporting mapper files
* Keep track of latest export type (profile or game) and auto-suggest export filename based on export title;
* Implemented a more accurate export progress indicator

All the latest files To upgrade, just fetch dbgl.jar as usual.


Reply 1565 of 1566, by rotaxt

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hi! i just want to ask everyone here which fork of dosbox you are using together with dbgl? any recommendations? for my personal taste pixelshader- & soundfont / mt32-functions are mandatory. the dosbox-daum fork still works but is pretty outdated meanwhile. as far as i am concerned there are two alternatives with similar options:


currently my job is quite stressful so i had no time to test and find out if / how the compability of both forks together with dbgl is. any experiences from your side? did you maybe test one these forks or are you using a different fork with dbgl?

i think there is no official compability list for dbgl & different dosbox-forks, it would be nice to have something like this in future to know what is compatible and what's not.

best regards

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