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Hey Guys,

I downloaded the lastets Dosbox at the weekend and ran a few games, (very good by the way!) unfortunately when I was Alt tabbing out of Ishar 2 the screen went black and refused to accept commands, pressing the power button still shut down the PC though.

Later I noticed all my icon images were missing on my start menu, any know how to go them back?

Here's an image link below, you can see internet email etc have no image at all.

http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w199/the1d … pg?t=1176744704

Any answers/suggestions are appreciated!



Reply 1 of 2, by ChaosFish

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Download and install Tweak UI from here (official Microsoft download), and on "repair" category choose "Rebuild Icons".

This has nothing to do with DOSBox by the way 😀