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I am having an issue on my openSUSE 11.1 Linux (64 bit) installation using DOSBOX 0.73. It works fine except there is no sound. I am thinking that it is bonehead problem and hoped someone can help me out.

The system has two sound cards installed, all sound is routed through snd1 instead of snd0. The snd0 is my Dell Optiplex 520's built in sound card and the snd1 is my USB Codec sound card. I think I need to tell DOSBOX that it needs to use snd1 rather than snd0 (this is not confirmed, but there are no speakers or anything hooked to the snd0 card). All other system sounds work fine through the setup.

Is there a setting in the configuration for DOSBOX I need to change? If so where would it be and what should it be. Thanks in advance for the help!

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dosbox uses sdl for it's pcm sound. so check how to configure sdl to output sound and maybe check with other sdl aps.

be sure to configure the games inside dosbox for sound as well offcourse 😉

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