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When using output=direct3d and pixelshader=hq2x.fx, I cannot tell the difference between the scaler settings none, hardware2x, and hardware3x as long as the resolution is set to anything other than original.

So are the scaler settings only inteded to be used with pixelshader when the resolution is set to original?

Thanks in advance!

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Short answer, yes.

Long answer: the hardware2x and 3x were meant as a replacement for normal2x when it's behavior changed from software/hardware combination to software only (normal2x once used hardware scaling when available, but this was changed to software only so the image quality is consistent between different output= settings). When resolution is explicitly set, hardware scaling is used but there is no point in doubling or tripling the resolution again and thus overriding what the user set. If you want higher res, just increase the full/windowresolution 😀