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I am pretty sure I cannot do what I am about to say, but I had some thoughts due to the recent ports of DOSBOX to ps3/x360 that are limited to gamepads unless you connect real kb/mice...
Let's say I have 2 games in my virtual C:\ drive , and both use different keys and I have made for both different .map files that work awesome with the gamepad. Is there a way to make DOSbox use either .map file on demand without having to exit and load DOSbox again with a different .map ? Just like you load/unload cdrom images for example , maybe a command to load/unload .map files so before you run your game you load the correct .map ...

The main idea behind that is that you only boot dosbox one time and you change .map files manually before starting a game , something like that imaginary batch file:

use_map /dev/HDD0/..../keymaps/game1.map
goto GAME2

use_map /dev/HDD0/..../keymaps/game2.map
goto EXIT

Does this make any sense? 😀

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I agree with Travis if you're so inclined, however, an SVN build MIGHT do what you want.
With an SVN build either:
config -set "sdl mapperfile=yourmap.map"
or, if you need to restart for changing mapper files (I honestly don't know)
config -r -conf someconfigfile.conf
This last option will autoreload DosBox after selecting what you want from..say...a batch file.

The second version, mind you, does require separate .conf files per mapper or game, as Travis suggested. By the way, your batch file will always execute game2 after game1 is done

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@Good Ol' TarviS:
as you might have read in my OP , I am asking if there is a way to change configs on-the-fly, not with shortcuts/restarts/whatever.

I know about the batch file, I only wrote it as an example of the possibility to load custom maps or something.... it is not a real one
since those commands are not for the regular 0.74 version (that gets ported on other devices other than pc's) they do nothing for my problem" 🤣
thanks for the help though

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