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I found a strange behaviour when I run LESS for DOS (version 381) in DOSBox. When I type a slash character ("/") to search the loaded file, every character of the search expression that I type after that will appear on the screen twice. It doesn't happen in real DOS and I assume that the difference is maybe caused by some DOS or BIOS function echoing a typed character when it shouldn't.

Since LESS is free software I'm attaching it here, so that, if you want to, you can check it out. You developers will of course know what LESS is, for those who don't: it's an improved MORE command to display text with forward and backward scrolling and many more things.

This is not a particularly "bugging" bug, mind you, so I personally don't care if you developers don't want to look into it. Just thought you might want to know about it.

To reproduce:

1.) at the DOSBox prompt type: less <sometextfile.txt> (or just less --help to view the built in help text file)

2.) type slash character (no ENTER after it, just a slash)

3.) enter some text

4.) then press enter

Expected behaviour:
Text you type at "3.)" should show up in white on blue in the lowest text screen line, then search should be initiated at "4.)". Happens so in real DOS.

Observed behaviour:
Every typed character at "3.)" is displayed twice. Search itself at "4.)" works however; it will search for the text you actually type, not for doubled characters, as soon as you press enter.


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