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It seems that I have the most up-to-date versions for both D-Fend Reloaded (1.4.4) and Scumm VM. I prefer running Scumm VM-supported games through D-Fend Reloaded because it allows easy screenshot capture. However, I can't create a profile for Discworld (1). Creating a Scumm VM profile in D-Fend Reloaded requires selecting which game it is from a list - and even though Discworld 1 and 2 is supported by Scumm VM, these games aren't on the list. Any ideas? Folks in the Scumm VM forum suggested I ask someone more knowledgeable about D-Fend Reloaded.

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OK, so maybe another question. Running "Discworld" through DOSBox only seems less comfortable because of the game's installation process. I prefer to keep all games in one folder. Suppose I install the game; it seems to require a short path in line with DOS standards. Will it be installed to my real C disk or to some virtual drive?
If I cut all files after installation and move them to a subfolder in my main "Games" folder, will they still work?

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1) the 'virtual drive' has a equivalent 'real directory'. That's what the mount command does, mount a directory as 'virtual drive' in dosbox.
2) you can use relative paths for your 'real directory' when mounting in the conf file. This works even on changing from windows to linux (if you use the '/' separator which works on both OS).

The requirement is to place the dosbox conf file on a directory 'near' the game directory (normally inside it or just outside) and mount the relative path from the conf file to the game dir.

A small primer in relative paths:
'.' is the identity operator - it means 'same directory as where we started' (in this case, the directory of the dosbox.conf file)
'..' is the 'parent directory' whatever it is named. It's not actually often needed.
'\' and '/' are path separators. Windows can use both, linux can only use '/'. So in relative paths it's better to use the second.

So for the 'discworld' directory, you could place the dosbox.conf file inside that dir and mount the game as:
mount c .. ==> means mount drive c as the parent directory of the dir that contains this dosbox.conf file; ie: it'd mount all of your 'Games' dir.

if you created a new directory 'Discworld' on your 'Games' dir and placed your conf file inside that dir, and created a dir named 'game' inside that is going to serve as a 'c drive' you could do:
mount c ./game
and install the game. You'd end up with a real path like Games\Discworld\game\discworld (this last from the game install) with the dosbox.conf in Games\Discworld

etc. It's not complicated.

edit: you probably also want to use quotes ('"mountpath") around the paths of mount, relative or not. They're needed for the path not to break the mount if it has spaces.