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Re: Dosbox dropping pressed keys?

Postby ZakMcKracken » 2019-9-01 @ 08:12

Using aaronp's sdl_test I got the following results on arch using gnome3:
After seeing the cursor pressing and holding "down arrow",
approximately 5 seconds later single press of space while still holding "down arrow"
and keeping "down arrow" pressed for around 5 seconds and quitting with esc while still holding it down.

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default key repeat settings:
Pressed: down - 2619
Pressed: space - 7804
Released: space - 7976
Released: down - 9478
Released: down - 10980
Released: down - 12481

disabled gnome3 key repeat (universal access settings):
Code: Select all
Pressed: down - 2169
Released: down - 3670
Released: down - 5171
Released: down - 6673
Pressed: space - 7303
Released: space - 7430
Released: down - 8931
Released: down - 10433
Released: down - 11935

So using no repeat actually releases the key even before pressing space , I am confused...
But seeing this now I remembered using Linux Multimedia Studio music software (also using SDL1)
The piano roll can be played with the keyboard, and when holding a note (with enabled key repeat), it will release by its own and start repeating the key.

The repeats while holding a note there are:
8000ms / 13000ms / 13400ms / 14500ms / 16300ms
This will continue in a seemingly random fashion

But turning off key repeat in gnome3 works ok for LMMS , but not for dosbox.
Could this be a broken key repeat detection ?
Have to check how this is handled using wayland and its XWayland compatibility layer.
EDIT: Scratch that, on my system my dosbox build under wayland gets almost NO KEYS, as in 1 keystroke of 100... so better not explore this any further :blush:
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Re: Dosbox dropping pressed keys?

Postby dreamer_ » 2019-9-15 @ 20:12

I just compiled and tested DOSBox with SDL2 support and it fixed random KeyUp events in at least one of the titles I experience the problem (Megarace 2). It also fixed DOSBox alt-tab behaviour and I think mouse movement in-game feels more native (I need to properly test this though).

Compiled version: r4258 with rebased patch from SDL 2.0 thread. You can find exact code I used in my git repo: dreamer/dosbox-staging, on branch po/sdl2-1.

I purged SDL1.2 headers from my system to make sure it compiles and uses SDL2 - this removed imgmount support due to missing SDL_sound headers, so can't test with Tomb Raider at the moment.
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Re: Dosbox dropping pressed keys?

Postby DosFreak » 2019-9-17 @ 02:23

Did some digging and it looks like the fixes for the missing keys and using both monitors for one output were added to SDL2 between 2012-2013 . Comparing SDL1.2 to SDL2 right now. Seems pretty minor.

< SDL 2.0.2 should have the same behavior as SDL 1.2 but haven't verified yet.
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Re: Dosbox dropping pressed keys?

Postby dreamer_ » 2019-9-19 @ 05:42

DosFreak, nice :) hopefully you'll be able to bisect the change. In the meantime I made my copy of TR1 work without the need for SDL_sound, so I could test input in SDL2 build - with the same result: input worked correctly in fullscreen, in SDL2-based build. Then I tried openglide (SDL1) - and input issue came back (but was harder to trigger). In the process I found out, that SDL2_sound library appeared in 2018, but never reached releasable-state - tried SDL2 build + SDL2_sound, but it crashes in TR1 (works with other games, but e.g. ogg decoding is a bit borked).
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Re: Dosbox dropping pressed keys?

Postby Vladimir » 2019-9-22 @ 14:10

I had the same problem for at least two years now. I also concluded some things:

It only happens in Linux: Any BSD or Windows works fine. I used to have FreeBSD just for DosBox
I also concluded it is a bug on SDL1.2

I couldn't solve without removing SDL1.2, so I had to compile DosBox-X. That let me compile directly with SDL2 and not lose imgmount capabilities. In any case DosBox has a lingering and annoying bug on this, at least under Linux
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