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Dosxbox - A xbox port of dosbox

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Not sure if you know, but today a new version of the xbox version of dosbox was released. So I for one would like to say a big thankyou to the devs of dosbox for all there hard work on dosbox, if it wasn't for you this wouldn't have been possible - Now I am enjoying crusaders of the dark savant on my xbox, the best game ever made IMHO 😁
For anyone wondering, the xbox port has a VERY nice gui where you select a game, you can choose to edit the settings or you can use default. You don't need a keyboard or anything as the joypad emulates the mouse and there is a virtual keyboard... I will post screen shots up if anyone is interested .

Thanks again for all the hard work of dosbox, it is a great piece of software 😁

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dosXbox is just amazing.
Great thing to play Commander Keen on your TV sitting relaxed on your couch.

It's even no hassle to map keyboard keys to Joypad buttons.

Only drawback: The UI in general is a bit tricky. But it gets the job done.

If you own an XBOX, you should definately give it a try.

DOSBoxGui - multi platform DOSBox frontend

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