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Hi... trying to use Dosbox in XP with an old dos application we use to control an outdoor LED sign, but the sign software keeps telling me that ansi.sys isn't installed. From what I've read, as of DosBox v62, it should be... could I be missing something? I don't suppose there's a way to add device=c:\windows\system32\ansi.sys to the config.conf file is there?

If I use regular cmd.exe within XP and modify my config.nt file with the ansi.sys line from above, it runs the sign software without the missing ansi.sys message, but I've got issues using cmd.exe to run this software...

This is because I can't get cmd.exe to run it in a window with it. Since it's a 16 color app, it forces full screen when I use cmd.exe. I was hoping with DosBox I could keep this from happenning.

The reason why I can't run full screen is because XP Remote desktop doesn't support Dos Full Screen mode and we intend to remote control this computer using it...

Thanks for any advice

Mike Carambat

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Try Tight/UltraVnc. See if that works.

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