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Since AdPlug (http://adplug.github.io/) is using DOSBox WoodyOPL emulation for OPL (as I can read on github), I'm wondering what sample rate and adlib core settings are considered be the BEST reproduction of the original OPL sound card.

* sample rate:

Somewhere I found 49716 Hz is the original sample rate used by the hardware. Does this mean the most accurate sound reproduction is reached when choosing this value in DOSBox (and AdPlug)?

* adlib core:

In AdPlug there is a choice between 4 adlib cores, see below:

1) Harekiet's

2) Ken Silverman's

3) Jarek Burczynski's

4) Nuked OPL3

What is considered the best adlib core? Which one is used in DOSBox (I assume Harekiet's)?

Is it possible to change the adlib core in DOSBox (without compiling the code itself and changing things) and yes, how?

Attached is a screenshot of the settings used in the AdPlug component for foobar2000. This is just to show the settings to choose.

* equalizer:

In AdPlug it's possible to choose between: none and ESS FM.

Is DOSBox using an equalizer too ?

thanks in advance!


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AFAIK Nuked OPL3 is the most accurate, being based off actual die shots of the YMF262 chip itself, and going as far as reimplementing the bugs of the chip itself. I may be wrong, though.

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I can't hear any discernable difference between NukedOPL and real hardware, fwiw.

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appiah4 wrote on 2020-06-22, 22:19:

I can't hear any discernable difference between NukedOPL and real hardware, fwiw.

This may depend on a concrete music or sounds. What is your sound hardware and its system settings. Not only software's settings.
Should be used blind comparision, anyway, and there are such plugins for music players.

For example, there should be records from games done by real SB soundcards and this may be compared with what DOSBox makes by common or that Nuked version.
When I thought I've found a case of wrong DOSBox working of FM, that was a case of game's issue - after 2nd start in the emulator it worked by the correct way. Blind comparision did not allow me to understand what is better - real or standard DOSBox emulated FM for that concrete game's music, at least.

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