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As of late I ran into a few games that use various non-standard VGA modes/resolutions, including very odd (literally) stuff like 320x181 (Mike Wiering's Mario clone), 320x203 (Overdrive demo), as well as 320x200 modes like in Jazz Jackrabbit and Rayman.

In all these cases, DOSBox does not stretch the image to 4:3 even when aspect=true, both in vanilla DOSBox and in builds like SVN Daum that extend the aspect ratio correction to more areas, including text modes.

I was wondering if this reflects how these non-standard VGA modes behaved on an actual 4:3 CRT (producing square pixels no matter what), or are there other reasons for not applying aspect ratio correction to them?

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I don't know about the others but the aspect for jazz jackrabbit is correct; the output display size is 320x200(199) but it's letterboxed inside 320x240 (1:1 pixel aspect ratio). DOSBox just doesn't show the non-active display areas.