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DOSBox Feature Request Thread

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It would have been nice to have a command line option within DosBox to rotate mounted CD's (CTRL-F4), this way you could force a specific active image in the cd drive.

imgmount d "isoimage1.cue" "isoimage2.cue" "isoimage3.cue" -t cdrom
imgmount d /select 1 -> selects isoimage1.cue
imgmount d /select 2 -> selects isoimage2.cue
imgmount d /select 3 -> selects isoimage3.cue
imgmount d /select -> return which image selected 1,2 or 3.....
imgmount d /selected -> return which image name selected

Reply 282 of 283, by dnewhous

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About the awe32 mode - I just realized that's the sound canvas mode for most games. Using sound canvas soundfonts in General MIDI mode doesn't sound very good.

Daniel L Newhouse

Reply 283 of 283, by leileilol

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AWE32 drivers in games call the AWE directly. It's not synonymous with general midi / soundcanvas midi output (which the AWE could also use).

Often the major difference is some of the DOS games that have explicit AWE support have to do with loading special soundfont files (.sbk) to either use it for specially composed music with them (i..e. Hi-Octane) , or just spatial, filtered "3D!" sound effects (i.e. Eradicator).

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