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For a some time I have tried to get a 32-bit computer working with a genuine DOS and sounds with an intergrated audio. I have realized that getting sounds working, the only reasonable solution is to use emulation. Therefore I set up Debian Linux without GUI. I installed Dosbox and with some settings it worked well. There were only some problems with setting full screen. Please, if you find some solutions to this, post it here.
If you have anything to say about my tutorial, or anything at all, please post it here.

Sorry! It was insdex.htm 😁 corrected to index.htm

I just noticed that the most important component was missing in the tutorial.
It was:
Install: pulseaudio
Run: pulseaudio --start

Another addition:
To install needed dependecies, you must type following:
sudo apt install "dependency"
If install asks for confirmation, press Y and enter

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