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I've been maintaining this front-end for DOSBox on Windows since 2009.
Now, I think, is a good time to have an official thread about it on VOGONS.

Official websites :

Key Features :
* Windows 98 support (.NET 2.0 version)
* Windows XP and later support (.NET 4.0 version)
* Portable mode (à la PortableApps.com)
* Launch anything with or without DOSBox
* You can use another version of DOSBox for each game instead of the default one (I like to use ECE, SVN, DOSBox-X, or the DOSBox Debugger, depending on what I'm doing)
* Fast and lightweight
* AutoConfig (A standard installation of DOSBox is found automatically)
* Command line interface
* Drag & Drop a .PIF file, a Windows link, or an executable on the main window and it will be recognized as a new game
* Compatible with Mono (although this is not really supported, there is surpising number of Linux and Mac users)

At least Windows 98 with .NET 2.0, or XP with .NET 4.0.

Starting with Windows 7 SP1, .NET 4 is provided with Windows, so you don't have to install it.

TODO list (maybe... someday)
* Inno-setup based installer for Windows 98 (tracking down .NET Framework 2.0 and its deps for Windows 98 can be quite frustrating nowadays. Especially since it depends on IE 5.5+ and Windows Installer 2.0)
* Localization support
* Import data from other front-ends support (right now import is only for previous AmpShell data)
* Linux / Mac version based on .NET Core and AvaloniaUI (in progress, ETA: ?)
* Maybe finally support Windows 7+ jump lists... 😁

Feel free to report any bug / feature request here.

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New bugfixes released today:
https://github.com/maximilien-noal/AmpShell/r … ases/tag/v1.3.6

Minor Bugfix (GameForm): Keep REMarks in Additionnal Commands
Bugfix: "Open Game Folder" works even when the game's executable wasn't selected
Bugfix: Saving Prefs after having re-ordered Categories was causing an error.

As for the UI, Dark Mode and sorting (while using the Large Icons view mode) are "Work in Progress"... 😉

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