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Apologies if this topic has been addressed elsewhere. I will be performing a search soon.

I have been newly running DOSBox-X in anticipation of an OPL device arriving soon. DOSBox-X is compatible with this device.

However, I just am not getting the screen performance I am used to from regular DOSBox and SVN Daum.

When test-running games like Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure, or Bio Menace, I get mild screen-tearing and slight stuttering. What I mean by this is that sometimes the bottom portion of the screen, for example, struggles to catch up with the rest of the screen by a few microseconds. Also, there are occasional slowdowns where the frame rate seems to dip to 3 FPS. This mainly applies to fullscreen.

DOSBox-X defaults to Scaler2x at start, and the Output is set to OpenGL Perfect and Doublescan. By default, Vsync is turned off, but I turn it on. There's no overscan or frameskip on.

Did I maybe push things too far by going with OpenGL Perfect? I don't have any shaders on or anything. But I think my other DOSBoxes default to Direct3D.

I am running a Core i7 with Windows 10 and 16 GB RAM, GTX 660. My rig should be able to run DOSBox fluidly, and largely does with the other versions. Is there any advice I could follow to optimize DOSBox-X for more fluid graphical rendering in fullscreen?