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this is what i felt
cputype=386 means follow the 386 protocal but run it with your computer's current CPU speed like core 9 speed? 386 doesnt mean make your dosbox run like as if your computer was 386 computer, is this correct? then it would be best to select 386 or 486 and not pentium, because by this time, DOS was about to be obsolete

cycles=auto is not doing well, it always goes to cycles=max for all dos games, (but for other dos utility and science programs , cycles are fixed at 3000 and programs crwal there when cycles=auto, not meant for other than DOS games, so this part is ok , but it has some checking values as to what dosbox can do)

control +f11/f12, cycles=max, window's title doesnt show cycles except CPU=30% of max...
i cant find the right cycle number for me to use while doing this "control+f11/f12". the probability of quessing a right number is like 1 in 100th for editing dosbox.conf. i need a showdetail function like dosbox-x has

x-com 1 and 2's scroll is too fast... i can slow it down but i cant find the right cycle number

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It switches to max when it goes to protected mode. By the time games used protected mode (DOS extenders), they were definitely able to keep track of time independently of CPU cycles.