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Hi !

I'm new on this forum. First time here because i've a problem on Mac Os.
Not a problem, a question.

I would like to add some mount commands to be executed automatically

I was following official wiki


After you first run DOSBox, go to the ~/Library/Preferences/ folder and open the newly created file DOSBox 0.74 Preferences. The exact folder name in the Finder may vary, depending on the language you use for OS X.

By editing this file, you can set the system settings and initialization values that define your emulated environment. You can also add MOUNT commands to the AUTOEXEC section at the bottom of the configuration files, so that you do not have to type them in every time you start DOSBox.

My question is: where is this file located? I followed ~/Library/Preferences/ on my Mac but no DOSBox 0.74 Preferences file here (after a lot of run, not after just the first)

I ask you to forgive me if I posted in the wrong zone of the forum

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Start DOSBox from the terminal and find out:

~ $ dosbox
DOSBox version 0.74-3
Copyright 2002-2019 DOSBox Team, published under GNU GPL.
CONFIG:Loading primary settings from config file /home/$USER/.dosbox/dosbox-0.74-3.conf