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Hey guys,

Currently in the starting stages of planning out an episode pak for Quake in the style of "The Way Id Did"/within the limits of DOS Quake. As such, everything should be able to run via DOSBox/DOS on Quake 1.08. The pak itself will have a custom soundtrack and was wondering how to include this alongside the pak. When I play with Quake, I use the original bin/cue files I have in order to play with music on DOSBox. My questions are:

What would be the best way to prepare the bin/cue image? Would I need the Quake data/install included as it's technically Track1—and if so, could I just use the shareware version for the data? (As mounting the bin/cue on DOSBox just loads the music rather than running the game from the image)

Does anyone know of any programs where I would be able to make a bin/cue image without the need to burn to a CD (saving the trouble of having to hunt down some CDRs). (Alternatively—an ISO to bin/cue as I can make a folder to ISO image)

On macOS Catalina with regards to any program suggestions.


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smonk wrote on 2022-10-19, 02:50:

What would be the best way to prepare the bin/cue image? Would I need the Quake data/install included as it's technically Track1

Any dummy Track 1, music or data, should be enough. The game will simply skip it.

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Hoping this "pak" isn't about distributing copyrighted software

Can't remember if QDOS supports singleplayer or not but give it a try

* External *.ent file support, and entity dumping in-game.
* Fitzquake v666 Protocol support. Thanks to Fitzquake.
* Warp Spasm and other large mods support. Thanks to Fitzquake.
* WATT32 -- Allows you to play QDOS online with a simple
packet driver and WATTCP.CFG. Thanks to NeoZeed.
* BSP Version 28 support (Quake Pre-Release). Thanks to Engoo engine guy.
* -NOGUS parameter to disable GUS init. Useful if you have an SB16
and GUS co-existing.
* -NOCD parameter does the same as -NOCDAUDIO, but is quicker to type.
* -SAFEVGA paramater to for 320x200 mode.
* -QUOTH paramater for mods that required Quoth.
* Dynamic strings for most vars. This should help with buffer oveflows.
Thanks to QuakeForge crew for helping me implement it.
* Press jump in NOCLIP/Water to move up.
* F_VERSION reply. Thanks to QuakeForge crew.
* Proper timer. Huge thanks to mysterious DJGPP guru.
* Various bug fixes that have been recommended by QuakeForge, LordHavoc,
Sezero, and other engine authors.
* Chat buffer -- Press Up/Down or Left/Right arrows to scroll through
previously sent chat messages. Thanks to Taniwha for more efficient
* Gun model is drawn if FOV > 90.
* Gamespy Server Browser accessible from Multiplayer Menu and with slist2
command. Adapted from Q2DOS.
* BSP2 and 2PSB support. Code (with some slight readaptations) from QuakeSpasm.
Additonal help from sezero. These maps may need things like:
r_maxedges and r_maxsurfs set to very high values. Try setting both
to 25000 and restarting the map if you see disappearing objects as you
look around.
* WAV and Ogg Vorbis streaming music support. Put tracks in
id1/music/trackXX format.

* -cddir for specifiy a cd drive path for pak files. Also for keeping
WAV/OGG music in a separate drive.
* 3DFX Voodoo rendering with fxMesa 6.4.2! Check voodoo directory for
your glide3x.dxe.

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