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How to take advantage of a CRT monitor refresh rate on Dosbox?

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I got a Phillips 107e50 for free from our school warehouse, saving it just before recyclement.
I would have opted for a 19" LG 900b but it was missing its base and the plastic on the side had cracked, making it dangerous during carrying, despite working fine. Phillips was lighter and more robust in build quality. It also had an "OK" sticker, meaning that some electrician must at least have checked it sometime.

I am using Linux mint and set various custom resolutions, mainly for Retroarch, eg 600x224 or 240x120hz. Arcade and console games look fine with native scan lines.

Monitor supports up to 1280x960x70 & 1280χ1024 x65hz.Though I add that at 1024x768 any refresh above 85hz becomes interlaced.

When it comes to Dosbox, aside from the better picture quality when compared to LCDs and shaders, what settings do I need to change? I use Dosbox-X and set sync and refresh rate at 70hz and scaler at OpenGL perfect. Surface option was buggy, constantly switching and flickering till I had to click on the menu.
With these settings games look almost as I remember.
Though in case of Mode x games like Psycho Pinball , I probably have to set monitor resolution at 640x350 or similar

But when it comes to fps I have a few questions.

In games like Jazz Jackrabbit I notice a big difference if I set OS refresh at 72 hz vs 140 hz. Game runs natively at 70hz but it plays much smoother at OS refresh at 140 hz and DOSbox refresh and sync rate set to 70hz and vsync set to host. At 72hz OS refresh I notice a small break in motion despite being closer to the games framerate.

I am confused between DOS sync rate and refresh rate and OS refresh rate.

What it the best setting to keep a balance and smooth scrolling not feasible on lcd or gsync? Can I use a different sync rate and refresh rate depending on the game?