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I have a bit trouble understanding how the settings in gog dosbox are working. The thing is that "window resolution" does not change the game size on screen in anyway. However when i use 2x scaler the game in full screen mode does not fill the whole screen and is smaller contary to 3x scalers. Is it supposed to work that way? So if I chose keep aspect ratio, 3x scaller and resolution closest to my screen native (i am choosing 1024x768 as 768 matches my screen hight) should i get the best results and no deformation of the game graphics?


Also noticed that the problems with small game while on x2 scalers occurs only in win 10 and does not occur in win 7. However in both windows version there are subtle differences in game size depending on graphic mode. In overlay, direct3d and DDraw the game has a very thin letterbox stripes at the top and bottow while in openGL and openGLnb the game fills whole screen height and only has left and right letterbox (aspect ratio is always on)