Has development of the mainline DOSBox been officially abandoned?

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DOSBox has been the go to solution for old DOS games made during the 1980s to the 1990s that won't work properly on modern Windows systems, which has been the case with 64-bit versions of Windows which has never had support for Microsoft's now discontinued NTVDM. Unfortunately, development of the mainline DOSBox has stagnated throughout the years, with the last stable release being 0.74-3 released in 2019 and very few SVN development logs as of now.

In otherwords, the mainline DOSBox has had less developers on the project, which resulted in the creation of forks such as DOSBox-X, DOSBox Staging, DOSBox Pure, jDOSBox & Em-DOSBox, all of which have more developers and staff menbers compared with the standard mainline DOSBox. And I don't know what Qbix is up to these days, as he seems to be very silent on new updates for the mainline DOSBox.

The main dosbox.com website promotes the mainline DOSBox which hasn't been updated in years, so it should be modernized to include download links to the Forks like DOSBox-X and DOSBox Staging as well, since the mainline DOSBox has had is development stagnated throughout the years.

What has happened to most of the team that was working on future updates to the mainline DOSBox? What happened to the roadmap for DOSBox version 0.75? I want some answers regarding the development status of mainline DOSBox.

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Hi WamodderPudu,

With regards to DOSBox:
It's not been abandoned.

With regards to me:
Health issues of myself and relatives are what happened.
Things are finally somewhat normal again and currently I am playing catch up with a lot of things that ended up on the back burner.

I hope this answers the questions.

As usual
Have fun!

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