Dosbox with Gilde2x.ovl

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Hi, I'm trying to get Carmageddon running in Glide mode on Vista RTM.

Since I have an ATI Card and there is NO vista OpenGL support yet, I need to use a Direct3d wrapper. I tried both DgVoodoo (Which was brilliant on XP) and psVoodoo.

Using DgVoodoo's Glide2x.dll and the Dosbox version of Glide2x.ovl it looks like it's going to work. It goes fullscreen and I get the first frame of the intro FMV. Then it freezes and nothing happens. Then I start seeing other windows appear on top of the FMV and I have to Alt-Tab out of the game and close DosBox.

Heres the setup I have:

-Copied all DgVoodoo files into the Carmageddon directory
-Ran DGVoodooSetup.exe to set options.
-Copied DosBox's Glide2x.ovl into the carmageddon folder
-Moved Glide2x.dll from Carmageddon directory to DosBox\DLL
-Mounted the Carmageddon folder as a drive in DosBox
-Ran carmav.exe in dosbox (the same carmav.exe which works with DgVoodoo in XP)

Any ideas how I can get Carmageddon working on Vista using DosBox?

Thanks for any help 😀

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Hello I was lurking and read this thread, and I'm a big elder scrolls fan.

I have redguard, but ever since I upgraded my mobo and windows 98 went screwy (I dual booted, but the socket am2 can't handle it) I'm looking for other ways to play the games.

With dosbox cvs, I've gotten battlespire, arena, and daggerfall to run better than I ever thought they would. I've downloaded the glide2x.ovl and put it in the redguard directory, and I've also set glide to true. I'm using today's version of dosbox cvs. But it still isn't running. I have a strong dual core 64 5200+, a geforce 7600gs, and two gigs of ddr3 800 memory. To put it bluntly, I clearly have the power, so I think I can get this running through that layer of emulation now.

So if someone that has it running posts their dosbox.cfg file, I would very much appreciate it.

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Redguard is somewhat picky what cycles it needs to start. Be sure to start with low cycles (15.000-20.000, experiment a bit, might even try 10.000), then switch to max cycles.


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Through much experimentation, I have got it to run.

What I did was took the glide2x.dll from dgvoodoo and suck it in the dosbox dll folder. This dll automatically runs it full screen. I used ddraw also, and 1280 x 1024 resolution. At the ended I added scale2x_ps14.fx pixel shaders.

If I put cycles to max and took off time synchronization it failed. But when I turned it on it worked, and still went pretty fast.

I also had to map from the c drive and change the directory in my autoexec instead of mapping right to the directory, because I have the cd on my harddrive and a configuration file points there. If it confuses c:\, as in my root drive, with its own directory, it would fail.

I mapped c c:\ then used a chdir command.

Also DO NOT TOUCH THE MOUSE. The mouse shouldn't be used in this game and when you click it you lose control of your charcter. Use the keyboard to select the menus instead.

Also, set the screen to windowed in the dosbox.conf. Glide2x.dll will take care of making it fullscreen in its separate configuration file (or automatically if you use dgvoodoos as I am). Otherwise it won't run.

Yes, it is running. My computer couldn't do it with gildos or dgvoodoo but it did it with this.