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truth5678: I looked at the HX DOS Extender code and its a custom implementation of a very small subset of the Win32 API, like what I did for Age of Empire 3 on jDosbox. As for multithreading the Voodoo 1 card, you should look at the original implementation from MAME. I did my port of the Voodoo card from there instead of what was put into Dosbox.


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QNX 6.2.1 Non Commercial under Java Dosbox 0.74.28 with S3 Savage4 Pro

Core: 86C397 125MHz 128bit
Memory: 8/32MB SDR 143MHz 64bit
Year: 1999 Bus: AGP 4x
Made: 0,25µm
Bios: Inno3D (savage4extr)

Click on the image to see the full size!

Can't make the network to work! ;D If someone could tell me how to make DHCP to work that will be awesome!

Note: Also works with bioses for
S3 Savage4 Pro
Diamond (stealths540)
Inno3D (savage4extr)
DiamondS520 (stealths520)

Trio3D/1X,-/2X Graphics Drivers (DeviceID 8A13)
86C360 Trio3D/1X (8A13), 86C362 Trio3D/2X (8A13), 86C368 Trio3D/2X (8A13)

Core: 86C298 100,2MHz 128bit
Memory: 8MB (4, 16MB max) SDR integrated 100,2MHz 64bit
Year: 1999 Bus: AGP 2x
Made: 0,18µm Taiwan
Bios: Apollo (savageix)

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Unfortunately network support isn't fully implemented yet. I started implementing a pure java solution, basically a router. Curreently it supports dhcp, but tcp hasn't been implemented. If you want to see DHCP work you can set mode in the [ne2000] section of the config file to user.

I don't know if build 25 will work for you, but if that version works for QNX you can try out pcap support which will allow networking to work if you have pcap installed.


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I'm setting up a dhcp but seems i have difficulties to make it work.

I did microsoft loopback adapter, then from my wifi, i shared the internet with the loopback adapter.
Ran jdosbox, when entered qnx i used dhcp but it didn't worked, then I used the freebsd tcpip stack

io-net -d ne2000 ioport=0x300,irq=3 if=en0:192.168: -p tcpip
ifconfig en0

that didn't work either.

Will try to see if dhcp will work if i manually run the client and configure it. With tcpip i had partial success as i received a packages from the host but they didn't go thru.

Qnx 6.2.1 and qnx 6.3.2 and qnx 6.5.0 works under jdosbox but they requires bochs virtual disk mount features to work.

If you want to test, here is the free non-commercial version of it. 😉

I set cycles to max and treshold from 1000 to 5000, also videocard memory size was set to 16mb so to start s3 savage pro card and use better graphics.
Qnx requires 1gb disk image, thought it uses no more than 150 but it requires pretty much of space. On 800 x 600 16million colours it runs quite smooth haha.

Please release a new version with pcap support, this will be awesome. Why you removed the pcap classes from the lastest version by the way?