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Why Windows DosBox Works Million Times Faster ??? What's a big deal?? What Windows DosBox need - is a capability to run All the applications in Windowed mode and Direct-X Acceleration to make graphics work ssmoothly. Me was looking for Ms-Dos emulator to play Games with High Resolution, the ability to re-size the image I expected, the lack of it I experienced(my display has 640x480-Factory and 700x544-MeModified resoluion).

About DOSBox. Could it run applications of different Dos VERsions, They always say Incorrect MS-DOS Version... May It be lieing about It's MsDosVersion.

Another uncompatibility is that every time I have to adjust the settings for every game, make the parameters to be avalible for changing from the prompt. Why don't they change themselves(auto adjust)?

So, Norton Commander displays the alphabet instead of drive letters and I don't understand the meaning of all the parameters in dosbox.conf, vary readme.txt!Plise!

P.S. Can the memory size be infinite virtually and limited only physicly. Always 640 & 15296KK. т.к. Heroes II lack memory even if it's plenty of it.

Maybe you can make emulator, driver or something that would resample everything if it's resolution more than allowed value or different from it(REALLY Useful for LCD-Displays !!!).

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Main screen turn on.

(well, that's the one I find shouting at my computer most...)

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Could barely understand a word of the first post, but if I`m reading it right he expected dosbox to run every single last dos game well, but didn`t find this to be the case while windows ran everything a "million times faster".

If I`m reading that right, then why did you install dosbox then? Seems kinda pointless to me.

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To the first poster :
Try to write the post in your original language and translate it with http://babelfish.altavista.com, no offence but we might understand it better.

Zum ersten poster:
Versuchen Sie, den Pfosten in Ihre Originalsprache zu schreiben und ihn mit zu übersetzen http://babelfish.altavista.com, keine Handlung, aber wir konnten sie besser verstehen.

違反ポストをあなたの元の言語で書き、とhttp://babelfish.altavista.com 翻訳することを試みてはいけない私達はそれをよりよく理解するかもしれない。

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... made my point 😅

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MMoudry wrote:

I am quite fluent in the other languages including Czech

You're not fluent in German, for a start:
* Poster = poster as in wall hanging
* Pfosten = post as in stake
* Handlung = offence as in crime
* ihn mit zu übersetzen [url] = completely the wrong word order; in * fact it looks like MT to me.
* Ihnen instead of sie at the end, I believe - and even if it were Sie it would have to be capitalised.

And for someone living in Lausanne, your French isn't that hot either:
* langue originale = direct translation. Should be langue maternelle, but it's wrong in English in the first place.
* sans offense should be something like "je veux pas te vexer"
* la instead of le in the last part, and with this sentence structure mieux should really precede the verb.

By and large, babelfish does nothing to contribute to the comprehension of someone's post.

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Ahhh... one day Bablefish will be able to move zig for great justice and be able to translate idioms. Until then we get to laugh at the literal translations of idioms that almost never seem to be able to come across in other languages. Due to the off topic nature of this post, I am locking it. Make your time.