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Re: DOSBox debugger

Postby LABS » 2018-7-25 @ 21:43

Is there a way to dump code overview to a file?
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Re: DOSBox debugger

Postby Qbix » 2018-8-31 @ 12:38

updated first post with binary of 0.74-2.
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Re: DOSBox debugger

Postby junglemontana » 2019-3-30 @ 17:34

These are old posts, but I agree that such features would be highly useful. Especially the ability to set a memory read breakpoint.

manku wrote:Would be really nice if debugger has ability to set breakpoint on *read* access on some memory fragment. Something like

BPMR [segment]:[offset] [length]

E.g. BMPR 0010:0100 0A -> break program execution if reading from 0010:0100-0010:01009 occured.

egons wrote:all things what i want from debugger:
1. conitional BP's like bp if edx=value. this feature supported in Syser kernel debugger.

I saw some patches that implement break-on-read, but they were very old.

Someone mentioned using OllyDbg to attach into DOSbox but it sounds rather complicated. Also, OllyDbg is Windows software. I guess it gets even more complicated on Linux.

edit: Deleted another post of mine. Reason: PEBKAC. Command arguments were in wrong order. :P
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Re: DOSBox debugger

Postby voxel » 2019-5-13 @ 09:48

Thanks for making the debugger available, it seems very useful! I would like to know if there is some way to automate sending commands to the debugger, perhaps via a script? For instance, if I need certain breakpoints set each time it would be nice to be able to have these defined in a file that is run when the debugger is launched, or to set BPINT 3 * for every launch.
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