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I hope this category is acceptable for a feature suggestion.

As far as I can see, DOSBox offers two options for display resolution or screen size:
original (1:1) and full-screen.

When playing on my older Thinkpad, that's fine.
But when playing on my desktop PC with 27" hi-res-display, then "orginal" is way to small ... and"full-screen" is so big that graphics get ugly. (Remember, those games were played on 14" monitors back then).

So what? I would like to have a third option: "doubled".
So instead of 640 * 400 you would geht 1280 * 800.
I hope, this is not too hard to implement.

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Hello jmarsh,
thank you!
I had looked into the DOSBox manual where these options aren't mentioned in detail.
But after googling "windowed mode", I got several other sources:
https://www.dosgamers.com/dos/dosbox-dos-emul … reen-resolution
https://stackoverflow.com/questions/15944089/ … f-dosbox-window
https://www.gog.com/forum/general_archi ... n_windowed

That helped!

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Or use DOSBox Staging where you can set the exact viewport resolution in fullscreen with the viewport_resolution config param (e.g. viewport_resolution = 1280x800).

I introduced this feature for this very reason you mentioned; to mimic the effective screen size of those old monitors on larger modern displays.

I think all emulators should have such a feature in fullscreen, and in fact, I'm going to create patches for all of them I'm using (e.g. VICE badly needs it too).

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