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I looked for various front ends for Dosbox but could not find one suitable for me.

So far I have used Ykhwong's DOSBox only because it has (improvable) game snapshot management and allows (always improvable) to manage game recordings and other convenient controls in a beautiful top menu.

I am looking for, if it already exists, if not I ask if it is possible to create it, a program similar to Ykhwong's DOSBox but in addition:

[*] I would like to be able to name the saved state. Without limiting the number of them.
[*] I would like each game to be associated with its state saves: for example, the saves will be stored in a subfolder of the game's folder and loaded in the "Load State" menu when you start the game.
[*] Some games as handle multiple users. Others handle only one user. For games that do not natively support multiple users, I would like the ability to manage multiple users, and each user has its own saves and snapshots. I am well know that DOS games are generally small and multiple copies can be created without consuming too much space, but it becomes chaotic to manage.
[*] The ability to save game videos even in modern vodeo formats (like x265) lossless.

Keeping the program portable.

I play mainly on Windows, but I would also like an Android version.

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I've never used RetroArch but... it probably hits a couple of these points.

The DOSBox Pure core fully supports libretro save states

DOSBox Pure creates a separate environment for each game automatically when it's "opened" from the downloaded ZIP file, including a persistent, game-specific "hard drive" where the game's dynamic data (configuration files, game saves, etc.) live, independent from other games.

* Runs on Android
* RetroArch can stream to twitch which means it can capture as x264 ?

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Thank you for the response. However, I looked at RetroArch in Windows and the only good thing is saving states, which does identical to Ykhwong and in an easier way, so much so, I keep using Ykhwong. It imported games with strange names and some duplicates. It did not recognize either keyboard commands or connecting a controller. So I could not play the games.
On Android, on the other hand, I couldn't even import games.
I don't need each game to be isolated, but to allow each user to have their own dynamic files. I am interested in each user having their own environment, then, all games can also reside on the same virtual disk.
I am not interested in streaming, just recording.

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