redneck rampage family reunion

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redneck rampage family reunion

Postby JessicaJones » 2019-11-30 @ 19:43


I'm trying to install redneck rampage family reunion but the installer is VERY slow. I waited half an hour and still it's not even 20%. I have a intel core i7 7700K so not a slow computer.
Windows task manager indicates 0.2% CPU usage for dosbox when installing the game.

What can I do to make it install faster? I have standard dosbox conf file settings (didn't change anything) and version 0.74-3

Is this a known problem?
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Re: redneck rampage family reunion

Postby ripsaw8080 » 2019-11-30 @ 21:23

It's not a problem, just use a setting of cycles=max, and core=dynamic as well, so the install will be faster.
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