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While playing the game "The Riddle of Master Lu" the game freezes at the conversation with the gardener Wolf. This was already a problem in pure DOS and the help lines suggest to set BUFFERS and FILES to 40 in the file CONFIG.SYS.
How do i achieve something similar in Dosbox?

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I already did this and applied patch v2.05, but this doesn't help.
But my question still stands. The official remedy is setting:
FILES=40 and
BUFFERS=40 in the file CONFIG.SYS.
How do I do something like this in Dosbox?

Any other help how I could avoid this crash in The Riddle of Master Lu would be very welcome. 😉

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dosbox provides
files=127 and
buffers=50 ( ithink) by default
you can't change that. although usually a game requiring that to work around bugs indicates that they have a a wild pointer.

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OK. Good to know and thanks for posting back. I am still looking forward to playing this game.

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