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Hi folks. I have crusader: no remorse working flawlessly, except that mission 4 wont load. After the videos play with the senator talking about the vigilance platform after mission 3 the game just sits there on a black screen, i assume im supposed to be sent back to the rebel base where i stock up for mission 4. But it never happens. Im using an original disk. Running a laptop with a pentium m 1.73 2 gigs of ram and a geforce 6600. Dosbox 7.0 with DGBL. I think it may be an issue with the cd, but I copied the contents over to my hdd, mounted it, and alter the crusader config file therefor eliminating the need for the cd. Other than the game loading much quicker it doesnt help.

What I would really like is someone to send me a save game in the rebel base right after mission 3, or perhaps at the start of mission 4. Mission 3 is where you go to the robot factory to steal the new robot plans. Usin the warp cheat works to load the mission but i have to use cheats to get any weapons, which of course makes the game no fun 🙁

My email is nexxusx@yahoo.com. I dont know if this board allows you to attach files to PMs but if so then that would be great too.


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Unless you want a lot of spam in your inbox, I think it's a bad idea to post public email addresses in a forum (or somewhere else in the internet for that matter).

Have you tried looking for patches for this game?

Are you sure there are not corrupted files?

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You can attach zip files to posts here I think, can you please include a save game just before completing the 3rd mission?

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That email address is primarily just a spam catcher anyway.

Here is a save game right at the end of the third mission. Just use the busted computer thingy your standing next to, watch the little video sequence, then head directly north and step on the teleporter to end the mission.


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When I'll find the time I'll try your savegame and try to get further.

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