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Using DOSBox 0.72 and DBGL 0.64. I've installed Windows 3.11 adding Soundblaster and S3 drivers as described in Dominus guide. I also installed Quick Time from this site which solved one of the problems with Hellcab.

This is what I've found so far.

Intro movie could not be opened, solved with Quick Time. Voices are muted or playback pauses briefly.

Mad Dog McCree:
Crashes with PP_SOUND at 492, arg=16384 when entering saloon. Occasionally violates system integrity.

Mad Dog McCree 2:
This application has violated system integrity and will be terminated. Every time intro starts.

Both Mad Dog games have odd mouse behavior. The hand wraps around the screen boarder and nothing I click on registers unless I unwrap it back the way it came.

Quantum Gate: Sequences are jumping ahead and skipping sections. No transitions play.

These games appear to work correctly, at least for the first five minute that I tested.
Castle Of The Winds
Dare To Dream
The Vortex
Shivers 2

Any suggestions on how to improve some of these?

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erm - this isn't the response you're looking for but i've gotten many old games to run by running them on a windows 95 virtual machine within vista -
also have a win3.1 vm but havent bothered loading games on it. if i read your post right you're using db to load win3x to load games; why not skip db and just create a vm?

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Shivers 2 really likes Win32. The best solution for this Windows only Sierra game on modern Windows is by far jafa's installer: http://www.squirtthecat.com/

The Sierra Help Pages -- New Sierra Game Installers -- Sierra Game Patches -- New Non-Sierra Game Installers

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why not skip db and just create a vm?

I'm running Windows XP, not Vista. I'm familiar with using DOSBox and I saw that windows 3.11 could be loaded so I wanted to see how well various games work this way.I'll look into other methods later. I'm aware that many of the games I asked about work just as well if not better in Windows XP. I wanted to try this in DOSBox as sort of a challenge.

Shivers 2 really likes Win32.

I listed Shivers 1&2 under the games that work well. I also played it in XP without doing anything really.

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To be honest, if a game supports Windows 9X, you're better off using Virtual PC - it's 100% free and games will be a hell of a lot more stable running there. Windows 3.1 is still not 100% supported and while many games work fine, I've noticed small bugs like vids not playing, corruption, crashes, etc.

Also, while many games supported Windows 3.1 they were often made for Windows 95. Win32 isn't well liked by Dosbox either.

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and I'm wondering for how much longer VPC will support 9x....looks like 9x doesn't like Hyper-V.
"http://blog.deploymentengineering.com/2008/07 … on-hyper-v.html"

You see rumours on the net about Microsoft supposedly integrating Hyper-V into their client OS but Hyper-V is a server tech, not for clients and the fact that if they did release Hyper-V for a client OS it would only be for that OS.....leaving XP/Vista users in the lurch.

Hopefully if they release a VPC 2010 it will be based on the VPC tech but they better have been working hard because VPC is looking even more like a joke today compared to VirtualBox/Vmware. (I just noticed today in the changelog for VirtualBox that they are fixing bugs for DOS games.....)

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temptingthelure wrote:

What either vmware or virtualbox need to get working right now is 3d hardware opengl/dx natively on the guest OSes. When they get that working finally it's goodbye windows and truly gaming will be multiplatform. 😀

Not really feasible though - from what I know, it would need to be software emulated. I personally would love to have a Virtual PC where I can emulate a 3DFX card but it's not going to happen any time soon since it requires a lot of CPU power.