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Great proggie!

Got W7 running. Have two quick questions:

1) How to save? Whenever I try to save my game, I get an ingame error message "disk error". SInce DosBox emulates an entire pc, can you save games?

2) Soundblaster settings for W7? PC speaker works, but not Soundblaster.


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1/ in the version I have, Music & Sound works with Sound Blaster but all volume was at 0...

2/ for save, have you changed the path in Configuration ? and have you tried to mount a 'floppy' with a 'mount a c:\floppy -t floppy' ?

3/ otherwise you can try the Gold version which works under W311 and 98 (not yet tested with my new 2000)

My 2 cents,


edit: Which version DosBox do you use ?
I've done all that with the CVS EXE

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Wizardry 7 works, no need to mount any floppy.

1. Saving - you must choose directory properly
See the following thread:

http://www.softwarespecialties.com/dcforum/DC … umID6/822.html#

Citation from the thread:
Has anyone ever encountered a problem saving the game with dosbox? Im using it, and everytime I try to save the game I get a yellow button that says disc error.

Yes, but the fix is easy. If, like me, you set up c: to really point to C:\dsavant then when saving change the directory to just c: and not c:\dsavant. C:\dsavant would be an invalid directory that actually points to c:\dsavant\dsavant, which doesn't exist.

2. SoundBlaster effects - I was not able to make it work (music is ok - I tested it even on normal ISA SB Pro compatible card and the intro music in Wizardry 7 is really so ugly as it sounds in DOSBOX).

3. Wizardry Gold - well, unless you are lucky you will have problems with speed of messages (there is in game setting, but rather useless - this may be a bug only on AMD processors, I am not certain - I managed to overcome it by installing in Connectix Virtual PC). Real hardcore Wizardy fans also do not like Wizardy Gold because a bug in negotiaon with NPCs (but the game is playable, it just limits a bit player's options),


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