Settler II: Mouse movement is irregular after a view hours

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I am playing the Gold Edition (Version 1.51) of Settler II

After a long time (~2 hours) of playing in great maps my mouse didnt reach to the ground of the window. It looks the window ends in the middle of the screen. Movement to the left, right or top is allright, because not to the bottom. I cant stop the working of any house (mill, blacksmith or else) or use any settings (the box in the middle on bottom). I scroll a long time (not playing only scrolling the map) to became the best position for mouse-movement so the mouse reached to the bottom. After scrolling in the map it starts again and I must look here too for the best position to move my mouse.
It's not funny to play the game with this problem.

I use an AMD Athlon Core II processor (2 x 2.4GHz), 2GB ram and Windows XP

Is there a solution for my problem?

Sorry for my bad englisch, I am german (age 47).