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Hello there!
I'm a happy dosbox user on Linux (Gentoo) with OpenGL and perfect scroll/sound on custom video modes! So all I've to do now is discover some of the greatest DOS games ever.

I specially like game music, and I'm an Amiga lover, so I prefer module music. I'm trying to find a list of games with PCM (or MOD music, or tracker music, whatever you want to call ii) music. I'm talking about MUSIC, not FX.

So far, I know of:
-Jazz JackRabbit
-SuperFrog (great sound quality on Gravis, btw!)
-Prehistorik Man 2
-Ishar Trilogy

...but I'm looking for more. I know module music on DOS was an oddity as the CPU wss in charge for mixing, etc... but I wnt to know them all. I found a list somewhere months ago, but I can't find it anymore.


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One Must Fall uses tracker music I think. There aren't a lot of PC games that use it because it took a fair amount of CPU power at the time to mix the channels since the most popular sound cards didn't have hardware mixing. By the time the PC was able to handle such things easily, CD Audio (and later MP3 and other compressed formats) had changed everything.

Some games used the PC speaker to do PCM music during their intro screens, but I'm not sure it's quite the same thing:
- Mach 3
- Dungeon Master (or maybe it was part 2?)
- Axe of Rage / Barbarian 2

If you want to include Windows games, a lot of Unreal engine games such as Unreal 1 and Deus Ex use tracker music.

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Hello Gaula:
I'm a happy dosbox user too. It's called tracked music.
Games I knew/know:

· Acid Tetris
· Alladin
· Blues Brothers Jukebox Adventures
· Brudal Baddle
· Crazy Drake
· Crusader: No Remorse
· Crusader: No Regret
· Death Rally
· Epic Pinball
· Evasive Action
· Extreme Pinball
· Flying Tigers
· Flying Tigers II
· Future Dimension
· The Horde
· In Pursuit of Greed
· Inner Worlds (DOS & Linux)
· Interpose
· Iron Seed
· Jazz Jackrabitt
· Jazz Jackrabbit: Holiday Hare 1994
· The Lion King
· Micro Machines II
· Mystic Towers
· One Must Fall: 2097
· Pinball 3D-VCR
· Pinball Dreams / Pinball Dreams Deluxe (Olof Gustafsson aka Blaizer)
· Pinball Dreams II
· Pinball Mania
· Pinball World
· Psycho Pinball
· Radix: Beyond the Void
· Seal Of Nehahra, The
· Silverball
· Teenagent
· Ultima VI
· Vanguard Ace: [Vertical Madness]
· Xixit
· Zone 66


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Pinball Fantasies and Pinball Illusion have great MOD soundtracks by Gustav Olofson. Other than that, I know of Dreamweb which has a moody, ambient soundtrack and great design. But all these games were ported from Amiga.

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A few that haven't been mentioned yet: The Horde, Iron Seed, Stardust, Super Stardust, Yo! Joe!

A couple of games featuring tracker music that are sort of crossovers from the demoscene: Axia, Xixit

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Blues Brothers II - The Jukebox Adventure
Crazy Drake
Extreme Pinball
Halloween Harry / Alien Carnage
Pinball Dreams
Pinball Dreams 2
Pinball Mania
Psycho Pinball
Radix Beyond the Void
The Lion King
Terminal Velocity

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It seems to be down at the moment (for me at least) but if you can get to it http://www.mirsoft.info/ has a ton of game music available.

Epic had (IMO) some of the best in game music up to and including early Unreal games.

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What about Master of Orion II?

It sure as hell ain't MIDI despite being selected in setup.
Music is of higher quality (a la Crusader) and loopMIDI shows no activity when it's playing in-game.
Even my go-to place (mirsoft.info) doesn't have a sample, which is a first.

Pretty certain it's tracked but I have no way of confirming.