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So I've been messing around with Prophecy of the Shadow and I can't get it to run with MT32 for music. I've tried uart and intelligent mode but the same thing happens for each; the screen goes blank after starting the game and freezes. I watch my MT32 but no communication is taking place with the game in either mode.

I'm using a real brand new (was sealed till I opened it) copy of the game. Does anyone know anything about this title and the MT32?

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In the QUEST.TXT file included with the game there is this note: "Added support for SB/SBpro at non regular address." There is in fact a mechanism in the game's code to switch between base ports of 220 and 240 for the SB, but it was also made to apply to the MT-32 music configuration, which looks like a bug. The MIDI base port should be 300, 310, 320, or 330 (DOSBox has it at 330), and the game hangs trying to interact with the MPU-401 on ports 220 and 221.

A brief search turned up no patches for the game; but there is a way to get the MT-32 music working if you don't mind a little hex editing: at offset 43C in MT32MPU.ADV change bytes 8B 46 06 to B8 30 03.

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